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Again, the response is smart and normal, I would just recommend seeing your enemy before firing
To Pail, Fallen Hopes Ch 4

Whisper is a female 15 year old turning 16 year old wolf and a deuteragonist of Fallen Hopes. She plans on joining in the war at some point and is currently affiliated with Pail.


Whisper has pale yellow-beige fur with dark cinnamon skin and blue eyes.


Whisper, still, is introverted and closed. However, she's more open and her main personality shines as a kind, jokeful character who wants to make sure those around her are safe.


There isn't much known before about Whisper other than she possibly came across Squeaky and Gadget.

She came across Pail in the Desert Green Hill Zone when Pail nearly team fired. They introduced theirselves but were swarmed by bee-bots, which Whisper held off the most.

Whisper mentioned Caramel Hall and they took refugee in the town hall bunker.

Whisper left their room at night to take a breath, which she didn't expect Pail to follow.

When Pail sat beside her and started a conversation, Whisper was surprised and had an unknown reaction to how Pail and her friends would sit in the moonlight. After, she mentioned about possibly aiding the army which Pail mentioned she wanted to chime in bit Whisper jokingly assured that Pail is too young and inexperienced.

The girls headed back into their dorm when Pail was enduring a nightmare and Whisper woke her up at day worrying about her and asking if she's okay.

Whisper offered to get breakfast and left to do so.



Whisper, even not being together for a day, seems to worry for Pail. However, they mostly joke around.


  • The house Pail entered to take cover from robot fire was actually Whisper's old house.
  • Whisper hasn't had an social interaction for around 2 weeks until Pail.


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