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Again, the response is smart and normal, I would just recommend seeing your enemy before firingTo Pail, Fallen Hopes Ch 4

Whisper is a female 15 year old turning 16 year old wolf and a deuteragonist of Fallen Hopes. She plans on joining in the war at some point and is currently affiliated with Pail.


Whisper has pale yellow-beige fur with dark cinnamon skin and blue eyes surrounded by a off-white patch.


Whisper, still, is introverted and closed. However, she's more open and her main personality shines as a kind, jokeful character who wants to make sure those around her are safe.


Whisper's backstory (in the series) is unknown. She came across Pail in the desert infected Green Hill Zone which Pail nearly fired at her. After clearing the conflict, they introduced themselves to each other and defended themselves from a swarm of bee-bots. Whisper and Pail resided in Caramel Hall for the time. In the morning, Whisper worryingly woke Pail up after a nightmare. She volunteered to get breakfast for Pail.

After breakfast, Pail and Whisper left for Metropolis to aid on the sidelines of the first resistance attack. After being spotted and surrounded on the ground, Whisper told Pail to flee into a street and presumably took care and took cover from the badniks. They met up after Pail was saved and Amy tried to introduce herself to her but Whisper immediately left. A little on her way out, Whisper examined a daisy on a patch of sunflowers. Her attention was averted by Pail and they returned to Caramel Hall, Whisper also hearing about Quill's news.

She decided to sleep in for the day, not knowing Pail had left and the events that occurred.



Whisper, even not being together for a day, seems to worry for Pail. She's slightly defensive about her, seeing as she instructed Pail to let her deal with an attack on the first offense on Metropolis. However, they mostly joke around.


Well, I kind of planned to join in the war, I just don’t know how,to Pail, chapter 5

Well, we should head in, especially you (....) Whatever,to Pail, chapter 5

Again, the response is smart and normal, I would just recommend seeing your enemy before firing,to Pail about Pail, chapter 4


  • The house Pail entered to take cover from robot fire was actually Whisper's old house.
  • Whisper hasn't had an social interaction for around 2 weeks until Pail.
  • It's confirmed that Whisper's canonical appearance and lore will not be completely replicated in the series as this was made in early IDW comic publishing before Whisper's backstory was known.
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