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Hello! Welcome to my page. Here you can learn more information about me, wiki members and some extra information about certain series.

Hello! I am the initial owner of this wiki and Ability Club itself, or co-owner of AC. Though I have made the idea of familiar series like Claws of Fury, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Extended, Warriors Unlimited and Talon's Forge.

Asides from that, I am also working on coding, 3D modeling, and much more for future series along the path.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Extended/Ability Club Version) is a series that takes place in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue, originally. After the known release of the remake, Rescue DX, we have used it as an alternate rather than climbing to F9 just to get chestnuts to crack. Also this version takes less time since it's easier to progress due to the beginning cheats (all move set filled with breed-earned moves).

PMDAC/E is about a female girl with an unknown name sent into the realm of Pokémon as a female Totodile named Snaps to fulfill a special purpose and save the world. She meets her ally Blossom and they both spend on multiple journeys, meeting others along the way.