Sonic Forces; Sight of Mind

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Sonic Forces; Sight of Mind (or SFSM) is a fan series started by Prema Melody and made originally in 2018 by Auki before being handed to the current user in 2019. The series was enforced in 2020 and debuted in 2021, June.

Sight of Mind Takes place during the Sonic Switch Game, "Sonic Forces" and lasts throughout the series until the end of "IDW Sonic Forces Comics". It has different parts for different eras and is currently on the point of view of Pail.

Fallen Hopes is the first book of Sight of Mind and takes place the months before and the end of Sonic Forces, following Pail.

Classic Beginnings

Classic Beginnings is a short novel about Tawny and the time he spent with Infinite in his weak form. It takes place while Sonic and group fight off the upgraded Metal Sonic in the IDW comics and ends after the Metal Overlord is defeated.

Metal Virus

Metal Virus is a still planning story that takes place after Metal Sonic is defeated and when Eggman snapped into reality. It is slightly horror containing pressure and metal zombies hunting down the cast. It is in the point of view of Gadget and sometimes changes IDW Comic canon to fit the characters.


There are multiple headcanon added lore into the series including weapons, residences, locations, towns, cities, some inclusion of small critters, and others.


  • Sight of Mind is in reference to 'Mindsight' which is the alias the book series goes under.
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