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Here are the lists of different weaponry that differ from Sonic Canon and appear in Sight of Mind. This includes headcanon weaponry of canon characters.

Wisp Weaponry (Wispons)

There are a few Wispons in addition to the original Burst, Lightning, Cube, Asteroid, Drill, Hover and Void. This also includes the addition of the unamed white wisp weapon.


These are general weapons like Burst Canon, etc.

Boost Blaster

The Boost Blaster is the wispon held by many mobians in the final charge on Imperial Tower and is a space-like lazer activated by White Wisps. It shoots incredibly fast beams of light in waves that push back opponents.


Celers are shot-gun shaped sniper-classed weapons that shoot small balls of energy depending on the wisp that lengthens into a lazer-shape. It packs a great punch and there are different variants with each having a dominant wisp function. The name means fast in Latin and is pronounced (/ˈselər/).

Thunderbang Celer

Thunderbangs are Yellow wisp-powered celers that are in a more thin shape. They have a short but lengthy reload and has a compartment where electric-materialized bombs can be dispensed made by combined electric ions and energy staying in a single place explained by Tails. These bombs go off 5 seconds after they leave the hands of a soft surface and make a large explosion. Scavia owns one of these.

Slamming Celer

Slamming Celers are celers with an additional Cube Hammer-like extension on the top that his flat and packs heavy weight. This celer's compartment where usually a blue wisp is stored is further back near the handle and the Celer can be folded into a hammer shape inwards as the hammer-head is pushed up. Pail owns one of these.