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To comeback you took—6 days, new record, I’ve never thought you’d past your first one,
to Scavia, chapter 9

Sonic is a teenage male hedgehog and is often known as the 'Blue blur'. He is currently the fastest known living thing alive and has an unknown status at the Death egg prison.


Sonic has blue quills with beige skin. He typically wears red, white and gold rounded running shoes and 2 gloves.


Sonic, as usually, is free-lived and sometimes can be snarky or sarcastic.


Sonic was defeated in Cowbell City on the beginning of the war and captured by the Eggman Army with an unknown status.

Sonic was later seen in Metropolis Transport prison where Scavia and Pail had to free the Floor 1 Prisoners. While there, he continued to smugly comment on Scavia while feeling sorry for Pail's state. He also whispered an unknown passage into Pail's ear.



Sonic sees Tails as a practical brother and has a lot of influence over him.


Sonic has probably smart-talked allies of Eggman before as Scavia foreshadowed the amount of jokeful hate she's receive. Then Scavia may have had to go to Floor 1 before.


Haven’t you learned anything? I’m not a rat, I’m a hedgehog,
to Scavia, chapter 9


  • Sonic resided on Floor 1, a floor where the most dangerous enemies of Eggman are stored.


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