You always believe that you are good but you never see the truth, it's never worth it!

Alternative Names

恥ずかしい (Hazukashi)
Short for Shy Crocodile or Embarrased



Snaps appears as a darker, turquoise with a darker shade for spots on her head, legs and arms as well as a vanilla arrow marking on her chest. She has plastic pink spikes that are rounded at the tip. Her eyes are a clear blue which is slightly covered by a old charizard skull she wears as a mask to keep her scars from eyesight.

Snaps always has a satchel filled with mainly medicine and throwing objects, used in dungeons.


Snaps has a brokenly introverted personality with low confidence but high resilience despite her small efforts. She doubts herself a lot and it's common that she at times selectively mutes herself for 10 days if not at least 8 hours. She barely speaks and has a tendency to at times avoid socialization and eye contact.

Though despite this, Snaps is also smart. She knows what situations she is in and usually acts against or away from them depending on how hard it is. She also keeps her promises, the one thing that opposes her introvert-cy at times. She always makes sure her promises are dealt with complete passion and always aims for her goals with full strength.


"Watch out Snaps! It's a Spoiler!"
Spoilers ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, please proceed with caution or look away.

Snaps's storyline is similar to the general PMD Red or Blue storyline, the only difference is on the following points:

After Main Story

A few days after the calmy of earthquakes, Snaps and Blossom discover the evolution chamber. Afraid, she didn't evolve at the same rate as everyone else except for Ekans. It was only until Blossom at he final evolution convinced Snaps enough to drag her to at least evolve into a Croconaw. Later after recruiting Kyogre, Snaps finally brought herself to evolve into a Feraligatr, eventually loving her new appearance.

Route to Wish Cave



  • Snaps in her beta design, used to be more dangerous and confident.
    • She had more angular spikes and shapes and had poison, animal markings.
    • Used to be a snappy and sassy attitude, always making sure any pokemon was speaking right from their mouths.
  • Snaps is almost the accurate embodiment of Primmie, the Game Progressor (the person who plays the game to unlock the story) of the series.
  • Snaps is canonically hypothermic. She needs the help of heat in order to stay conscious and after Snaps's confrontation about her mental state, the Pokemon she knows, mainly Blossom, tend to drop by at night and warm her with a blanket.


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