Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Timeline

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This is a full timeline of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Extended Series. Some points are estimated due to needed information in the areas. For noting, CE stands for "Creature Equilibrium" and there is no record of clear time before this so it will be stated as the new time term.

Bonding Between Pokemon (1 CE)

  • Pokemon and People are in unison and Pokemon are no longer supposedly at war with them.
  • In addition, a closer rift between the PMDE World and Main World strengthens.

First Meteor (2,550 CE)

  • Rayquaza stopped the first meteor with the aid of Team ACT while their young. This boosted their reputation and allowed Pokemon to evolve.
  • Before this year, Charizard, Tyranitar, Alakazam, Whiscash, Nift (in the human world), Ibis, Kangashan, Lombre, and the Ariados Twins were born.

Peace Time (3,000 CE)

  • A few years before the second meteor arrives. Team ACT is infamous and Lucario's team becomes missing after attempting a rescue mission in the depths of an unknown location. In addition, Empowerment Seeds and Mega Evolution are discovered. Mainland Town Square is completed in construction. Nift, Ibis and Achilmes has disappeared.
  • Snaps, Blossom, Hyena, Spenctail, Grudge, Coil, Ruth and a couple others in the same generation were born around this time, though not on the same year.

Second Meteor & Rescuer Arrival (Roughly 3,015 CE)

  • Snaps arrived into the world by Gardevoir and the Mindsend. This plays out her and Blossom's adventure.
  • During this time;
  • Town Square was in construction of a sign, Team Arcane, Team Meanies, Team Century, and Great Canyon Bug Tribe were made around this era.
  • Calamities was stopped by Rayquaza at Team Arcane's request.
  • Gardevoir was freed a few months after the calamities calmed.
  • 1 Year later, Team Meanies changed their name to Team Perseverance.
  • Town Square is gaining more popularity and is being reconstructed.

Pre-Time Gear Era (Roughly 3,020 CE)

  • Dialga and Palkia have descended to create Time Gears in order to prevent future Meteors and other calamities.
  • Team Arcane is transformed into the "Arcane Guilding" and multiple teams have joined the guild including Century, ACT and Perseverance. Guilds are starting to become more popular. A majority of guilds and teams are under Arcane Guilding.
  • Canyon Bug Tribe become socialized in civilization and are currently well known in the Canyon and cave areas for rescue missions.
  • Orca and Rupture have came to peace and are on a break from Arcane. All legendaries are in similar.
  • Teriyaki, Sprout, Pitcher, Lily and others in the same generation were born before this time.

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