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These are non-canonical events (NCE) surrounding around either of the series in order to raise awareness of the series and create engagement between ones interested in them.

There is currently 3 NCEs, 2 which ended and one recently running.

Kingdom of Pokemon Week

Kingdom of Pokemon Week is a 7 day annual event that scales from the 24th to the 31st of May. It involves game-related & art-related events that are different every week excluding Day 6 (May 30th) which is a peace time day. The winner of the week gains high detailed art of 1 Pokemon OC.

Danger World Quest


Sight of Mind 'ARG'

The Sight of Mind 'ARG' is a art-picture based puzzle that revolves around devianiart submissions with 1 word of the code. The titles will indeed be jumbled and you'll have to put them in order. A participant can find the order by looking at the context in the story. The time a user will have to solve it is endless and a user can attempt to solve it any time. The winner's prize is debated as it stated there may or may not be a prize.