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I'd rather die to a million ice beams, a thousand eruptions, and 22 Houndooms biting at my neck than to let the both of you faint here and now
Nimbus to Snaps and Blossom in Pitfall Valley

Nimbus, even by his fellow bird trio peers, has been respected and deemed as a greater force. Nimbus however has negative traits that will point pokemon otherwise, there isn't much of an in-between.


Nimbus has gold, yellow feathers with dark gold seconday markings and a silver beak. Nimbus has black, down arrow patterns down his body and crystal blue eyes. Nimbus's left wing is scared with bites while his right is scarred with frost markings.


Nimbus is hotheaded and easy tempered. He doesn't think before he doesn't something if he's upset and is stubborn. Though Nimbus has positive values. Nimbus is full of courage and would never let a promise or gift go to waste. He'll keep others on their game and believes every'mon has their place.


"Watch out Snaps! It's a Spoiler!"
Spoilers ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, please proceed with caution or look away.

Nimbus's storyline is identical to canon Zapdos's.