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Mobians are anthropomorphic (human-like structured, usually on two feet and are sentient) animals of any species including insects, fish, aquatics, reptiles, mammals, mythical animals, etc. that aren't human related (for example, humans and centaurs can't be mobians in this series canon).

They usually have additional powers that are enforced by their main species behaviors (ex; Dogs being able to dig) and also stick to their original species diets often. They're able to live in social piece, no matter the food chain dynamic however some mobians, for example foxes, have side-affects which are caused very rarely which can impact damage.

General Structure & Biology

Mobians are bipedal, two-legged, two-armed creatures. They have wide eyes and usually either long, short, or no nose. Mobians are presumed to have similar internal systems as humans do with the exception of 'male-parts'.

Mobians either have carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous set of teeth, however all are omnivorous or at least most are known to be. In addition, they are able to consume foods that humans would be able to, that normal animals can't for example chocolate.

Mobians, for example birds, don't always inherit their specific species' abilities and usually inherit smaller ones.

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