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While the note is true (...) We wouldn’t want to risk boundaries,
in response to Scavia, chapter 7

Infinite is a male jackal and in possession of the Phantom Ruby.


Infinite has black and white fur with a bat-shaped mask and his chest with the phantom ruby.


Infinite's personality (in the series) isn't known other than being flustered at compliments.


Infinite's backstory (in the series) is unknown.

Infinite requested Scavia to capture a list of fighters, Pail being one of them, which he received Pail. He questioned why Scavia kept her wispon which, while being flustered, instructed it to be removed and underestimated Pail's capabilities, instructing her to be in the transportation prison.



Scavia and Infinite have been associates for a long time.


And why didn’t you take her wispon?
to Scavia, chapter 7


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