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You see, it all started when nobody loved me, except for Ember but I wouldn't dare count pure pity, and it was all because I was related to that dump of a bavern.Icy explaining her reasonings to Marx

Icy is a creature who takes her love of revenge. She's the current ruler of the Arctic Baverns and the head leader of the Ice Army against the Defense Army in the Great War. She's rumored to have been weaker before and not as large but she disposes and disagrees with them. Overall Icy is a dictator and took her father's emotions to heart.


Icy is large and enormous. She has frostbite blue scales covered in turquoise dapples like evergreen conifers. She has gleaming white eyes with no signs of light and a bright, tourmaline red gem on her forehead. She has a cold breath and always speaks in a chattered, echoed voice. She has sharp pupils and a large burn mark on her left eye, possibly from Ember. Her wings are a sheet white and plated with turquoise diamonds.



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