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"You've got to be kidding-"
-Henry snarled

Henry Dragon is the og character and the point of view of most of the series. He is somewhat-creative and is infact a Gamemind dragon or a dragon crucially linked to the game/series' code.


Henry is described to be a dragon with dark, gray scales with a darker, robber like, patch around his gray eyes. He is also said to have the same colored horn and wings as well as the same colored raccoon-like patterns down his tail and legs. He is said to have a spiky, komodo-scale-like armor around his legs and has a ruby, emerald and diamond as tail spikes.

As of Pastreader he is said to have light-bangs under his eyes and a barely broken right wing.

As of Current, he is said to be healthy with a few scales on his neck, legs and tail.


Henry mostly has a cheeky, smug personality, originally finding enjoyment in both coveting and stealing items, mainly jewelry and money due to his in-debt status and kleptomania.

Now he acts similar but is more open as Ellie said "You finally care about us now huh?" in Pastreader and barely relies on stealing objects or provide for himself ever since the Government provided for him.




Bite Dragon

When #4567 asked if Henry Dragon have any AU-Relations or parents as GuildedWind responded with "Maybe Bite." during the Discord Teaser Event.

Later the "Maybe" response was researched and Bite's description mentions he also has Gamemind as well as a similar last name to Henry. It is still unknown whether this is true or not, but many claim it may be a distant relative or parent.

Charles Calvin

Henry and Charles have a brother-to-brother relationship, mostly working well together. Although ever since the ending of Pastreader, Henry becomes more wary of his actions, mainly ones where he goes solo on a mission.

The fear of VH still strikes him as of Fall.

Ellie Rose

They are a great team and can relate on a lot of things, mostly being prisoners and somewhat criminals (Ellie isn't confirmed at the time). They both specalize and mainly 2 wheel-vehicles and are also great at cooperation, possible better than Henry and Charles.


As of Fall, Henry works with the Government to take down targets, mainly the Toppats and other similar criminals.

This is either to the fact it's his only way of keeping his record clear or the ability to work with his allies.

Mercy Galeforce

The two have a positive relationship despite Henry being annoyed by her childishness at times.


A very well known enemy of Henry as of Fall. Although in Pastreader: King, Henry actually sides with the Toppats and defends the clan, allowing them to rocket into space.

The Wall

The main cause of the outbreak in the wall.


  • "...."
  • "Hey, we weren't that late."
  • "You don't really understand."