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You know, and this may sound stupid from me, but maybe we need to get along and not die in this forest
Gengar to Snaps in Purity Forest


To distinguish from the main-canon..., Grudge is a dark-midnight shade tone with a darker shade down arrow covering his forehead and gold freckles around his eyes and a red tint to the end of each pins. He has red eyes and oddly gold pupils more visible in his mega form.


Grudge, as of present times, still can be sometimes selfish but he worked on bringing up his courage. He originally didn't want to do anything that would bring harm to him if he really didn't have to and objectively used others or resources around him to solve his problems, which work temporarily. He is seen as intelligent and knows certain situation's intensity and has the capability to solve them, and currently he's putting it into a more lighter use.

Grudge is also shown to be stubborn and easy-tempered, sometimes insecure about certain things that make him appear soft or vulnerable.


"Watch out Snaps! It's a Spoiler!"
Spoilers ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, please proceed with caution or look away.

Grudge's storyline is similar to canon with the only changes being;

  • When stealing their mail, Grudge attempts to make conversation with Snaps in the background when Blossom is arguing but Blossom redirects his attention.
  • Team Meanies win their battle twice, the second time Grudge purposefully broke Snaps spirit.
  • Grudge builds a hate relationship with Hyena every time Team Meanies pass by Snaps's house whether it's a visit attempt and inconvenience.
  • When Team Arcane's messenger, Candelle, sets up a rescue mission on the board, Grudge attempts to discard it to keep their fail a disappearance, but Poincetto argued for Grudge to hand over the message. After a short conflict, Grudge and his allies lost and Poincetto and Kippie were able to rescue Snaps and Blossom and crew, setting up a negative relationship.
  • Instead on by accident, Grudge intentionally rescues Snaps when she's unconscious after Sky Tower's events.

After Story

Grudge began to self-reflect on his self little by little. He felt jealous and undeserving of what Gardevoir done but he didn't know how to exactly act on it, conflicted. After seeing all Pokemon around him grow in their ways, he didn't want to be left behind, so he decided the next thing was to help her escape her curse though he still felt more of himself.

He attempted to first Climb Mt. Freeze for answers but was stopped by the intense snowfall and pressure. He continued to attempt at climbing, visually become less and less motivated until he gave up.

After Snaps rescued Ruth, a few days later after exploring the ruins, Grudge greeted Snaps at her doorstep during her supposed early-walk hours and asked for her help. Despite his treatment to Snaps, Snaps accepted.



Grudge appears to spend more time with Ruth than Coil. Both being able to Mega Evolve, they seem to like working as a not-to-mess-with team and sometimes go on Mega Retreats along with Absol.


Coil doesn't see Grudge's side of him. Grudge believes he has grown to be stronger but is worried in the fact Coil is behind their level. He doesn't like the idea of bringing Coil into to many higher-intensity dungeons.


Both being humans, Grudge generally hated Snaps before his priority was in line. After realizing Snaps had access to Gardevoir in her dreams, Snaps's influence eventually left him to try and save her. On their way up Mt. Freeze and through Murky Cave, the two made a small bond between each other.