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Fallen Hopes is fan-book made with at least 32 chapters including the prologue and epilogue. It takes place in Sonic Forces starting at before the beginning of the war until throughout the IDW Comics and still planned to continue until the entire Metal Virus Saga ends.

Fallen Hopes takes the journey of a 14 on-going 15 year old wolf named "Pail" as she eventually journeys on her own to find the Resistance, allies and foes.


At the beginning of the first largest war, Sonic has been defeated and chaos runs wild. A teenage wolf, Pail, has a lot upcoming in her way. periled journeys, meeting allies and making foes, even coming across familiar faces. However, will she survive the war and the after effects?

Note to Gadget

"I hope to seek my cousin soon, if he's reading this letter, paint the paper with your paw," - Pail




  • yes


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