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Cattle or Neutral Baverns are the basic of Baverns and are the most common Baverns. They originally were seen everywhere before kingdoms became strict when Princess Icy rose to power. They however weren't the strongest and didn't posses in specific elemental abilities.


Cattle Baverns have 2 wings with 3 raptor claws. They have two, wide eyes and a rounded body structure, they at base don't have much detail. Cattles are based off of all natural world mammals like camels, buffalo, foxes, etc. and human traditions like african and are omnivorous. They're named after any natural fauna or a basic action like "Run" or "Bull" or even "Crocodile" but other than mammals and basic actions are rare.

Cattles' government isn't as similar to most Baverns. They still, as always with every bavern, run off of a monarchy but their government is aided by a smaller government, the Legislative Branch only. The Legislative Branch will see whether a crucial law shall be passed or not, keeping power limited. Though smaller adjustments such as smaller court cases not revolving around important economics or crime can be handled by the ruler without Legislative Review.

A few jobs Cattles take on are transportation and farming, they don't have any exotic jobs as they live in the plainlands. There isn't many threats to the species as there aren't any wild creatures or not that many Baverns nearby.


Cattles can't breathe any element and their powers come from their mammal gene. Special Cattles however may have two mixed mammal genes for example; Bulleaper which has a Bull and Bunny gene. Double-Gened Cattles have compound names that are from a stereotypical action or the species of the two genes together in any order.



They are usually aided with greater strength and stamina. Some are persistent.


They don't have any far-ranging attacks no matter their major gene.


The Main City is Mandrake Capital.


  • Queen Sorting
  • Prince Anaconda
  • Princess Lion
  • Princess Tiger
  • Princess Cheetah
  • Jaguar
  • Monkey
  • Marcus (1/4)
  • Ram
  • Mandrake (exiled, deceased, founder)
  • Forger Reach
  • Bulleaper


  • Cattle Baverns are the base-forms of Bavens.