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Boovlet is a female boo and the former queen of boos and former wife of King Boo. Her state is unknown as she's currently trapped in a pain which presumably was shattered.


Boovlet had a rose-tint with black eyes fading into a sunset pink. She was around 3/4ths of King Boo's size and wore a gold crown topped with a piece on the ruby that was passed down to Zephry, Anti and Spoopy.


Boovlet was said to have a strong-willed nature and can sometimes think outside the box. She was able to bring the best in most ghosts and was commonly loved by multiple of her kind.


Boovlet had a neutral running experience. She was more on the silent side and hadn't emotionally shined until 10 years before the first capturing of Mario in the mansion where Boovlet gave emotional advice to a boo to lift their spirits for an important event. Not was it King Boo under a disguise trying to hide from the rest of the family, it was also for his coronation. In a couple weeks, Boo sought out Boovlet again and the two began to date. After 3 years, Boovlet was engaged to King granting her the role, queen.

Throughout the years, Boovlet has aided with many additions revolving around the alliance strength between the Boos and the rest of Bowser and his army as well as being able to sway King Boo's anger for a while. However, he had enough and forced Boovlet to stay in Lumine Basement.

However, when King Boo was captured, at some time Boovlet divorced. Though, Boovlet already produced 3 birth orbs and they fully formed directly after King Boo's first release. Boovlet hid the identity of the offspring by having Ante and Zephry periodically drink a potion to hide their eye markings.

This lasted for only 6 months as Boombard was trusted with the information but betrayed Boovlet by tipping King Boo off about the boos. When he came however, Boovlet aggressively argued with him until she was slammed with a painting and presumably was shattered.


King Boo

Their relationship started off positively. Boovlet unknowingly encouraged him and he had a crush on Boovlet, so on. However, when King Boo was captured, Boovlet divorced him. Surprisingly this divorce didn't set Boo off, only when he realized that Boovlet lied to him about their offspring. From Boovlet's prospective, she felt like Boo was a horrible influence and didn't want her children to be tainted with his motivations.


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