Listen, we are Rescue Teams! We are made to help pokemon all over the world!
Blossom to Rescue Teams

Alternative Names

咲く喜び (Sakuyokobi)
Shortened Version of blossoming joy.

Shortened Version of florecimiento


Blossom is a female chikorita with a slightly extended tail and a hibiscus flower on her head. Her skin is a light, pale green with dark green markings on her tail, and her hind legs. Her plant-parts are a soggy, dark green and her leaf has the same dark green marking at the end.


Blossom is happy-going and energetic, trying her best to life the mood. She most of the time wants to see the best in others and will not stop until she completely finds out whether a 'mon is rightfully innocent or guilty.


"Watch out Snaps! It's a Spoiler!"
Spoilers ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, please proceed with caution or look away.

Part 1

The 2 Pokémon completed 2 rescue missions before receiving their first Large Mission, saving Buzz and Zip's friends in Thunderwave Cave. During this trip, the two met Hyena a young but brutal Poochyena that was put to tame by the team, loosing her title as the beast of the cave. Afterwards, Blossom tried to get at least one of them to join her team, but they didn't have the required Home for them to stay in, plus Zip was too paranoid for its friend.

One day after finished 3 more tasks, a Dugtrio panicked towards her house to get help from Arcane to save Diglett from the awful Skarmony. The team weaved their way to the time and successfully faced off the Skarmony and got Diglett back with the help of Zip and Buzz.

After returning, Blossom and Snaps seek to Wigglytuff to recieve their first guild as well as a guild for the Magmanites, mainly Buzz. Though also around the same time when finishing 3 more tasks, Snaps and Blossom meet up with Goldenpie though this time she asks for her friend, Sheldur to be found in Sinister Woods. This would be easy but Team Meanies also took up the task, getting a headstart.

Though despite the headstart, Team Arcane also went ahead, meet with Flutterwings and a weedle along the way. When the group of 5 pokemon finally got to a clearing, Team Meanies striked, believing that they would succeed. Sadly for them, Gengar, Medicham and Ekans are vaguely outnumbered and defeated with the only casualty of Vesper and returning Sheldur to Goldepie.

After a good night's rest, the team walk into Pokemon Square and met up

Part 2

In the Square, Pokemon began to talk about the Ninetales Tale

Part 3

from mankey problem-defeating groudon (WIP)

Part 4




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