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Blossom to Rescue Teams

Blossom is a deuteragonist and the close friend of Snaps. She is known for her overral leader-like behavior and ability to encourage others.

Alternative Names

咲く喜び (Sakuyokobi)

Shortened Version of blossoming joy.


Shortened Version of florecimiento


Blossom is shorter than average and has a slightly extended tail and a hibiscus flower on her head that blooms throughout her evolution. Her skin is a light, pale green with dark green markings on her tail, and her hind legs. Her plant-parts are a spiky like a desert flower or cactus.


Blossom is happy-going and energetic, trying her best to life the mood. She most of the time wants to see the best in others and will not stop until she completely finds out whether a 'mon is rightfully innocent or guilty.


"Watch out Snaps! It's a Spoiler!"
Spoilers ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, please proceed with caution or look away.

Like Snaps, Blossom's storyline is similar to the general PMD Red or Blue storyline, the only difference is on the following points:

  • Blossom finds Snaps injured and takes her into her house before showing where Snaps would reside.
  • Blossom would begin to ask where she came from in which she was confused and surprised to know Snaps was a human.
  • Falling asleep she gets a glimpse of Ibis but believes it was just an hallucination.
  • Snaps and Blossom loose to Team Meanies twice, the second time, after returning she took notice of Snaps's anger and tried to calm her down. She also took interest into Hyena.
  • On the two's way to the Hill of the Ancients, Blossom faints trying to fight off an unknown Pokemon in which she was carried to the top by the Great Canyon Bug Tribe.
  • Blossom tickles Xatu until he awakens.
  • Blossom shows gratitude towards Snaps's attempt of defending her self and tries to set Snaps's self blame apart
  • When the two went on the refugee hide out, Kippie still believed they were innocent and would drag Poincetto to help then. Team Century would save the team when they faint in a dungeon until they stopped at Mt. Freeze, Poincetto not wanting to go further than the comfort of the volcano.
  • When reaching Mt. Blaze, Blossom mentions she's afraid to go inside but Snaps encourages her.
  • Blossom and friends don't deal with the mankey problem, see Snaps's timeline for more information.
  • On the Groudon mission, Snaps and Blossom fail once but were saved by Iron and Nickel which helped them defeat Groudon at promise that they were able to rise to the surface after the calamities calm down.
  • Blossom gets an idea of who Snaps thought was following them but was too busy to confirm.
  • Blossom had a small moment of sadness only to watch Snaps reappear.
  • Blossom became more motherly and caring to Snaps from this point.

After Main Story

Blossom would then begin to be a little more careful. Even so, she offered for Snaps and Hyena to go fight Nimbus and the rest of the birds again. She was the first to fully evolve out of the 3 and gave Snaps confidence to evolve after Snaps continuously resented it.

Ancient Relic

Blossom and Snaps entered the Relic. Helping the team along, Blossom sent out a scent in the relic to attract Mew and help them reach safety.

Latios Situation

Blossom oddly felt upset and rageful against Latios after he robbed the Keckleons. It wasn't her usual approach and even Snaps didn't know why she was so triggered. Blossom continously held this vibe until defeating Latios. Latios's reason lightened her mood and continued to help rescue Latias.

Route to Wish Cave

After listening onto Coil and Ruth's conversations, Blossom was looking forward to the rescue 3 days after. Along the way to Wish Cave, she often defended the group most from Pokemon and temporarily went solo until reaching Ruth.

Grudge's Request

Blossom was surprised to see Grudge at her friend's doorsteps and trees to be as considerate as she could despite her anger towards him. Blossom was later told the situation and headed towards Mt Freeze. After discovering her weakness, they took a break as Blossom heated her scales to neutral warmth again. When reaching the top, Snap outbroke and endangered Grudge where Blossom had to remove Grudge from Snaps' sight in order to calm her.

Blossom helped Snaps agree to continue and entered Murky Cave. Blossom's heart softened watching Snaps and Grudge return to neutral terms again and was glad Grudge was able to free Gardevior.


5 days after the venture, Snaps has a breakdown. Blossom atempted to ask Snap for her issue and tried to remind her that everyone is there for Snaps but Snaps relunctently denied and fled when she almost brung herself to hurting Blossom.


  • Hyena has a crush on Blossom.