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Baverns are wyvern-like creatures that dominate Polymentur as the main species. They are the partial ancestors of Marx and appear in different sub-species that currently have their own kingdoms, some even have sub-species upon that.


Baverns are round, big-eyed, and usually have 2 wings as arms and 2 legs, though only Beetle and Wasp Insect Baverns have 4 legs and 2 wings. They aren't that well armored and have thick skin. All Baverns have the same weakpoint, their eyes and feet. Their feet are similar to a human's nerves and sting a lot, though if their eyes are damaged they're rendered almost useless due to their important use for them. However all's eyes are resistant to water.


Baverns traveled from Popstar after being exiled for unknown reasons. They Unique Baverns traveled far and wide until they've located themselves on a planet near Popstar with odd features. In response, they started civilizations and erased dangerous creatures.

The Unique Baverns began to descent into multi-elementals, the last couple being Grande and Paradigim who gave birth to Multishine. Multishine meet with the Unique Baverns to establish a treatie to bring peace to both sides after the events of the Revolution of Sides which was for Multishine to be engaged and start a family with the greatest heir of the Unique Baverns. The strongest prince, Kronos, believed he was going to hold out the deal but instead his weaker, less known brother, Cosmos was accepted instead. Then, the two started the generation of baverns that became the leaders of all different specimen except fo Icy who wasn't a first cousin royal and was bullied for it. Instead Icy was born under the pure jealousy of Kronos when he attempted to complete the treatie by having a arctic bavern when Cosmos and Multishine were missing one. This completed the contract and Kronos treated Walrus downhill from there until they divorced. Icy was adopted into the royal elemental family but often was bullied and not as respected for not being directly related, this would fill Icy's pure hatred. Icy felt the last tug when instead of her, a non-related Arctic Bavern was placed as the queen as Multishine thought Icy was 'too young' and 'undeserving'. Then Icy discovered the Iperite and Cosmos and Multishine disappeared and the Arctic queen was killed.

The Baverns suprisingly for a while were temporarily in perfect peace until the Convection War where Ember and Icy had a war over the Iperite. Both sides lost but Queen Ember disappeared and a few years later, Icy began to conqure. She forced Eel, the Arctic Baverns, Dung and Mindbringer to side with her as her close brother, Thunder and after offering assistance, Dark Baverns were interested and allied without harm.

All other species except for the Cattle Baverns, Offense Baverns, and Galactic Baverns are apart of the other side of the war, the listed are factionless or are dealing with other problems.