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You don't remember me? Honestly, why would you, why would I be so important to remember over 5 entire years, sometimes I wonder about my childish expectations,

Ariddia is a female monster based on a gecko. She is a REFLECTED due to staying in the Floral Dark World for 5 years. She originally attempts to fight Kris for their SOUL as an escape before joining your team and being brought back to the real world.



Ariddia is a anthropomorphic gecko with a stubby tail, curved eyes with 3 triangular lashes, and orange-gold mid-length hair. She has dark blue-turquoise skin that fades to a faint reddish turquoise on her arms, legs, tail, and back. It also fades into her head. She has a gold scallara and blue eyes. Ariddia finally has a web that matches her eye color.


In the first and second encounter with her, Ariddia seems insane and desperate and unaware of the result of her actions. She's only focused on capturing Kris' SOUL in order to escape but doesn't mean any other ill intention to Kris.

After comforting her, Ariddia appears to be more introverted and paranoid, not wanting to live any longer in the Dark World as she experienced many close-to-death fights. She isn't as talkative and awkwardly socially but this may be due to not seeing another Lightner for 5 years.

However, Ariddia, when more comfortable, is very expressive and emotional. When she's happy, she is energetic and adventerous, when she's sad she often sometimes is on the verge of crying. Ariddia, though, also loves to joke sarcastically as her humor is postive and genuinely wants to help others as she cooperates well with Kris' team despite them engaging in battle with her numerous times.

Main Story


Ariddia used to be in Kris, Noelle, Berdly, Asriel, December, Jockington and Monster Kid's primary school. She, while not often, went out to events with Kris and Asriel but spent most of her time around Berdly.

In 9th grade, Ariddia dragged Berdly to the garden west of the school that was rumored to be haunted. She dared Berdly to enter but decided to go instead, checking out the hut deep in the garden. However when entering, she was transported to the Dark World, unable to get out due to her SOUL not having enough determination.

Ariddia was stranded, not knowing how to use her abilities. That is when Princess took her in and trained her. Oiriginally, Ariddia thought this was the Princess aiding her but quickly she realized that Princess was forcing Ariddia to fight for her entertainment. Countless times, Ariddia tries to flee but ends up coming back due to taking too much damage and needing a place to eat and rest.

This caused her over the years to go insane until she heard about the ability to leave, which causes her to preserve one's SOUL every time she wins a spar.

Chapter ???

A bit into the beginning of the chapter, Kris, Susie and Ralsei enter a cove only for Susie and Ralsei to fall through 2 traps. Susie tells Kris to get to the end to free them. However at the end, Ariddia came out to set up the second part of the trap only to realize that Kris, a human, already has the determination needed to free her. Immediately Ariddia engages in battle for the SOUL but is scared off by Susie and Ralsei after they reach the staircase up the dungeon.

Ariddia is came across again midway into the story at a castle enterance where Kris speeds through in order to avoid being smushed but ends up on the other side without any teammates. Ariddia was just leaving the palace to her secret hideaway they engage in another battle. However this time Kris convinces Ariddia that they will help her and Ariddia hides Kris in her hideaway to keep them safe from Princess. There, Kris and Ariddia resonate with their problems before Susie and Ralsei make it past, storm in the hidden area, and Susie immediately fights Ariddia but the battle is immediately stopped by Kris' warning.

After chatting, Kris and his friends (including Ariddia) head deeper into the kingdom where Ariddia helps during battle and invading into the kingdom. Near the end, Ariddia pulls out a key but before she could use it she gets captured by Slacking Lacky. After defeating them, Ariddia uses the key which allows the group to enter to the main room where they face off against Princess. Ariddia takes a hit from Princess, using her last moments to summon Caticorn. She is revived after battle and goes with Kris and Susie to seal the fountain.

After Chapter

In the real word, the first thing Ariddia drags Kris to do is to check on the house she used to live in, not knowing that her parents had already left. Feeling abandoned, Kris and Noelle cheer Ariddia up and offer their places for stay until then. Ariddia feels guilty living in a important house like Noelle's so instead she goes with Kris where she sleeps on the couch at the end of the chapter.

In Battle

Appears With

Tyrant of Cards, 1H03N2X, Caticorn (summons) (2nd encounter), Slanslogs (1st)



  • A-Action: There is no cost and it allows Ariddia to do actions based off of the targeted enemy. This is learned automatically after recruitment like with Noelle.
  • Capture: Costs 16% TP, If an enemy is TIRED, they'll be automatically spared, similar to Ralsei's PACIFY.
  • Summon: Costs 75% TP and summons either "Tyrant of Cards", "1H03N2X" or "Caticorn". These summons last 4 turns where, with Action spells, teammates can interact with the summons to either do cooperation actions. Otherwise, the imagined creature will attack with their highest powered attack.
  • Round-Up: Costs 50% TP and heals all allies up to their 40 point value no matter what (For example if a teammate has fallen and is at -30 health they'll still have 40 health)

First Encounter

  • Whip: Ariddia whips her lash that covers the entire box. However, her eyes flicker depending on the property of the lash, similar to the ASGORE fight, her lash will either be blue (stay) or orange (move).
  • Hoop: An attack similar to Hathy's circling heart attack where it closes in however it repeatedly swirls in a circle and moves around.
  • Maze: Ariddia creates a maze with her lash that the SOUL must get through while running away from dogs that resemble the Annoying Dog.
  • Transform: Ariddia becomes one of the following base creatures for 2 turns: A quadruped that resembles a rhino which she'll charge up while following the SOUL before charging towards it on a selected path, a large quadruped that resembles an elephant which halves the damage she takes, an ostrich which is a joke addition and attacks similar to the snake game where if she is intercepted her attack stops, an eagle which she swoops at different heights 3 times, and a dog form which does nothing and is a free turn for Kris.

Second Encounter

  • Megawhip: A faster and stronger version of "Whip" with more eye flash pattern to memorize.
  • Capture: A faster and stronger version of "Hoop" that closes in tighter.
  • Lashrope: Ariddia throws the hook of her lash to the other side where she swings her lash in a circle motion. The rope only deals damage if it's completely white or on the same plane as the SOUL. It will be gray if it's too far away to deal damage.
  • Connect 1: A move where Ariddia's lash follows the SOUL similar Maus' pointer attack however it leaves a still damaging trail of rope behind.
  • Summon: Ariddia, instead of becoming them, summons 3 of her greatest imaginations, each with their own properties and all have 2 present attacks. Tyrant of Cards' (Or commonly just called "Tyrant") attacks are strength based with low accuracy, one of which includes them charging at Kris in a similar fashion to the rhino in Transform while another is RESHUFFLE where 5 slots are occupied with cards while 1 is open for safety. However Tyrant has a secret move with a 2% chance of activating, ENDGAME, where he shoots a beam of light killing Kris. 1H03N2X pronounced "Phoenix" has a soundwave attack that gets weaker every time and a grab attack which can be stopped at the first use of the attack by either moving in place intensely or approaching the hands. Finally Caticorn's attacks are either her standing in the middle of the box shooting her spines everywhere in + or x formations (sometimes both) or the less common maze attack where, along with Ariddia's Maze attack, tracks Kris. If they're too slow (Caticorn finishes the maze with her eyes first) the maze ends and Kris is immediately hit by spikes.


  • In both encounters, Ariddia cannot be defeated violently and must be spared as attempting to defeat her the 1st time ends in the same "softlock" as in the 2nd time Ariddia starts dodging all attacks at 500 HP. You can raise her mercy by talking with her.
    • Kris, in the second battle, can win faster by comforting each of the summons.
      • Tyrant can be comforted by using the "Attack Lightly" Action which lowers your attack. After you must hit Tyrarnt 2 times which automatically prevents them from appearing again and mercified Ariddia by 25%.
      • 1H03N2X can be comforted by the action "Pep talk" and avoiding attacking. After a while they are removed from the Summon selection and mercified Ariddia by 25%.
      • Caticorn can be comforted by using the action "Compare" and getting hit every time by Caticorn's attacks. After 3 "Compare"s Caticorn is removed from Summon selection and mercified Ariddia by 25%.
      • If you comforted all summons, Ariddia's mercy will be at 95% where one "Comfort" action will win you the battle.


  • How much I long for your "SOUL", it's almost "CRAZY" per say.... [First Encounter]
  • Why don't you help a fellow Lightner out and GIVE ME YOUR SOUL [First Encounter, ACT #1]
  • I can't believe your selfishness, why won't you give it to me [First Encounter, ACT #2]
  • I'm so tired of being here, you're my only hope, just give it to me... [First Encounter, ACT #3]
  • Why are you trying so hard? Don't you have nothing to loose? [First Encounter, ACT #4]
  • I can't stand you guys, just quit and give me what I deserve. [First Encounter, ACT #5]
  • I've been here for so long, please, it's only fair! [First Encounter, ACT #6]
  • Ow! Prickly sword you got there- [First Encounter, Hit #1]
  • That kinda hurt! You monster- [First Encounter, Hit #2]
  • GIVE ME IT [First Encounter, ACT #7]
  • GIVE ME!!!! [First Encounter, ACT #8]
  • I NEED IT!! [First Encounter, ACT #9]
  • No where to run [First Encounter, Defense spikes]
  • No where to hide [First Encounter, Defense spikes]
  • No way of passing [First Encounter, Defense spikes]
  • Just give me the "SOUL" [First Encounter, Defense spikes]
  • I'll make sure it's safe [First Encounter, Defense spikes]
  • Ach! Who are they? [First Encounter, Team Arrives #1]
  • Ahhh! I'm out of here!!! [First Encounter, Team Arrives #2]
  • Did you miss me? [Second Encounter]
  • Listen, we had a bad start, all I said was stupid, let's get along, okay? [Second Encounter, ACT #1]
  • I've been here for FIVE YEARS and I really, REALLY want to see my family again. [Second Encounter, ACT #2]
  • I don't actually want to kill you, but if it means freedom, whatever it takes they say. [Second Encounter, ACT #3]
  • Why won't you lay down and die? [Second Encounter, ACT #4]
  • This determination, is perfect, yet is a prickle to my skin. [Second Encounter, ACT #5]
  • There's another way? [Second Encounter, ACT #6]
  • You are trapped too? But how? You can get out on your own? [Second Encounter, ACT #7]
  • Your SOUL is trapping you? What do you mean, aren't human SOULs like Monster SOULs in a way? [Second Encounter, ACT #8]
  • You poor peer, maybe..... [Second Encounter, ACT #9]
  • You want to be my friend? Again? Well..... [Second Encounter, ACT #10]
  • You like chocolate? I LOVE chocolate? You LOVE it too? Wow! Another chocolate crazy I can't believe it! [Second Encounter, ACT #11]
  • This day can't get any better couldn't it, and then you brightened it up for me, outstanding. [Second Encounter, ACT #12]
  • I wish I had a heart and SOUL like yours, but I would melt wouldn't I. [Second Encounter, ACT #13]
  • I guess I could, turn over a new leaf, but only if you accept me? [Second Encounter, ACT #14]
  • So, you'll help me and accept me....I guess...it isn't bad.....please forgive me...I'm....I'm sorry... [Second Encounter, ACT #15]
  • I'm a bit happier. [Second Encounter, Comfort Tyrant]
  • Feeling more safe. [Second Encounter, Comfort 1H03N2X]
  • Why am I trying to fight another child? [Second Encounter, Comfort Caticorn]
  • I feel, a lot calmer now....less angry...less scared....less insane...somehow...you [Second Encounter, Comfort all 3]

Flavor Text

  • A familiar friend stumbles by? [Encounter #1]
  • Ariddia is endlessly staring into your SOUL [First Encounter]
  • Ariddia is silently chanting about winning [First Encounter]
  • Ariddia is yawning, you wonder how much she gets to sleep [First Encounter]
  • Ariddia is reconsidering her choices [First Encounter, ACT #9]
  • Ariddia is screwed [First Encounter, Team arrives]
  • The return of the hunter [Encounter #2]
  • Ariddia is shaking slightly [Second Encounter]
  • Ariddia is sobbing [Second Encounter]
  • Ariddia isn't smiling that well [Second Encounter]
  • Ariddia seems to be cold but isn't asking for warmth [Second Encounter]
  • Ariddia is fiddling with her fingers [Second Encounter]
  • Ariddia is starting to relax [Second Encounter, comfort Tyrant]
  • Ariddia is frantically looking around less [Second Encounter, comfort 1H03N2X]
  • Ariddia is starting to consider her actions [Second Encounter, comfort Caticorn]
  • Ariddia feels at home now [Second Encounter, Act #15 or comfort all 3]


  • Ariddia has only barely some source from the main creator, PrimarinaPlays including personality for when Arid is sane.
  • Ariddia has mentioned to be the "Hard Boss Slayer" when Kris and Asriel play games and they always ask Ariddia to beat a hard section of a game or level. This hints that Ariddia also plays video games often.
  • Ariddia is based off of poisonous lizards which happen to have multiple vibrant colors. In addition, as her stats state, she is also poisonous and inedible.
  • Ariddia has several different titles
    • At the first joining your party she is named the "Imaginator"
    • In her hideout she is titled the "Hideout Queen"
    • When equipping a Steel Lash she is titled the "Imaginarykeeper"
    • In "My Castle Town" she is titled the "Calmer of the Crowd"
  • Ariddia's name is in reference to "arid" or something that is barren or lacks interests which is ironic to her personality.
  • Ariddia has mentioned she's been in the city before and brought back souvenirs for Noelle, Asriel and Berdly.
  • Ariddia, despite it being small, can do multiple tricks with her tail. One of which she teaches Susie which is how to trip others.
    • Her and Susie ironically bond over this trick and Susie also trips Kris once near soft grass.
  • Ariddia used to be the second wealthiest family, slightly above average, next to #1 being Noelle. This is known through asking Ariddia in the hideout about "Real World Situations".
  • Ariddia, despite not being in the real world for 5 years, knows the same things Kris, Susie, Noelle, and Berdly have learnt over the 5 years up to their current grade meaning that Princess was able to learn and teach the same exact thing Alphys and Toriel taught.
    • Due to this, she was able to easily pass the attend test and is coming in as a transfer student the following next week.
  • Ariddia hates the dark.