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Angelerfish is a recently adult Dragon and the main owner of Moon. She spends the majority of her time commissioning her art and originally was apart of a reservation group.



At the age of briefly 15, Ocean found Moon when trying to clear out an area for Houdooms and Zouras to live in. She hid Moon from the rest of the time and returned him home.

Though giving up her dream of being a trainer for personal reasons, she deposited her Pokémon in a daycare. Moon was upset about the end of their journey so Ang decided to give Moon a new trainer instead, putting herself down while doing so. Trading off, Moon finally evolved and Ocean said he goodbye,

It was not long until an October Night that she found a random Gengar stalking her house. At some point the two encountered and when their Mega Stone Attachments begin connecting, Anglerfish realizes Moon as her Pokémon and begins questioning his residence, though Moon forced her to sleep before any other questions upraised.