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Good job team, I haven’t seen you all especially around. I’m Amy, Amy Rose, the organizer of the Resistance. We could use help some time,to Pail and Whisper

Amy is a 12 year old female Hedgehog and an administrator and the communicator of the Resistance. She aided in the first attack at Metropolis.


Amy has pink quills with green eyes.


Amy's personality can be often misinterpreted. She's determined and is great at communicating between others. She is able to raise others up when they feel down.


Amy's history isn't much known in the series.

Amy directs an army attack on Metropolis to which she encourages Pail to take down the mega motobug. After being saved, Amy requested a retreat and introduced herself to Whisper and Pail. After, she promises to see them some other time.


To be filled when the Resistance Lab clears..


I hope we meet again someday,to Pail


To be filled when the Resistance Lab clears..

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